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Unique, Special, Druable, Fun, Large Capacity, Cute

Everything you're looking for in a school bag


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So, Why UEK School Bags?

Unique And Special

With an in-house designer team, UEK is able to launch as many new items each year so that you will always have new and trendy product to sell.

Spine Protection

We have invented a lot of technologies to protect the health of children. These include spine protection with patent and IGR certification, smart weight distribution, etc.


Not only are our products produced using high-tech materials, with the latest methods. They're produced with our patented technologies.


Our business activities are built on responsible sourcing, production, distribution and cooperation. We take responsility for what we do and keep our promises.

uek school bag cambridge style

UEK Stands For Unique, Elf & Kids

The Best School Bag Factory & Supplier & Brand in the World. Based in Guangzhou, China.

UEK is a brand created and managed by Guangzhou Otason Technology Co., Limited. The letter UEK resembles Uniqueness, Elf and Kids. Children's imagination has been the source of our inspiration and creativity since our foundation in 2014.

The products we design and produce are in strict compliance with all major certifications and requirements in the world. The uniqueness and the specialty of our products speaks to the children and make them feel happy, safe, relaxed. Parents love our school bags as well because they're durable and their capacity is adjustable to adapt to the rapid growth of their children.

Now, we have more than 3.5 happy customers worldwide. And we are ready to share  this happiness with more children.

From the design of arts, to the choice of material, to the prodution method, packaging and packing, we demonstrate perfection and profession in every detail.


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